Our Scientific Advisory Board

The members of the BroadRiver Scientific Advisory Board keep the team abreast of academic and industry developments in their area of expertise and identify and recommend specific research initiatives for BroadRiver to commission. BroadRiver is vitally interested in current developments in scientific fields relevant to its investment focus, including epidemiology, aging, financial mathematics, and actuarial science. For example, BroadRiver has commissioned proprietary research in mathematical portfolio theory at a leading university mathematics department to examine the effect of BroadRiver’s non-correlated asset classes on conventional equity/fixed-income portfolios.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board


Dr. David Jacobs Professor, School of Public Health
Division of Epidemiology & Community Health
University of Minnesota
Dr. Noreen Goldman Hughes-Rogers Professor of Demography and Public Affairs
Princeton University
Dr. Tom Salisbury Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
York University

Interim Deputy Director
The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Daniel Belsky Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
The Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center
Columbia University