Our Strategy

At BroadRiver Asset Management, our primary investment strategy is to create and manage uncorrelated alternative investments with many of the features of fixed-income investments.  These investments are characterized by low volatility, self-amortization, dependable cash flow, low default rates, and negligible correlation to traditional investments. Our driving focus is to provide compelling returns and reliable yield to better meet the liabilities and liquidity requirements of institutional investors over a range of durations.

BroadRiver is a recognized global leader in longevity-risk investments, having raised $1.5 billion in three longevity-risk funds since 2011.  Our longevity funds have a duration of ten years.

To meet its clients’ needs, BroadRiver is currently extending its asset management services to a wider range of non-correlated asset strategies, including short-term trade receivables, litigation finance, and multi-asset portfolios of diverse non-correlated assets.